Most of the courses I have taught have been on ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. I have also taught medieval philosophy, philosophy of games (as a writing intensive course), intro to ethics, and intro to the philosophy of mind. Throughout my teaching I put careful thought into how to help my students develop the skills they need while at the same time fostering interest in and excitement about philosophy.

In 2008 I taught an Intro to Ancient Philosophy at UC Berkeley, which was on iTunes University for eight years. Not every session was recorded, and I only intended it for students who missed class. Nonetheless, it has been popular. A few years ago Berkeley removed these from iTunes, but they are still available here.

I wrote a three-page handout of academic writing advice, originally for ancient philosophy grad students at Humboldt: Academic Writing Advice, with an Eye Towards Ancient Philosophy. Caleb Cohoe interviewed me about it on his Endoxa Blog.

Courses designed and taught (beginning with the most recent)


Plato's Republic  (advanced undergraduate)

Introduction to Medieval Philosophy (advanced undergraduate)

Plato's Phaedrus (graduate seminar) 

Ancient Ethics: Plato and Aristotle (undergrad lecture)

Plato’s Symposium in Greek (advanced undergrad, year-long course)

Plato on the Soul (grad seminar)

Theories of Justice: Ancient and Modern (adv. undergrad)

Writing and Argumentation course: Phil. Of Games (intro Undergrad)

Contemplation as Happiness in Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus (advanced undergrad)

Matter in Aristotle’s Natural Philosophy (grad seminar)

Plato’s Phaedo (graduate seminar)

Dissertation Seminar (Discussion PhD work in progress)

Aristotle On the Soul (advanced undergraduate)

Homer and Plato: Philosophy, Poetry, and the Heroic Ideal (freshman seminar)

History of Philosophy: Medieval (undergraduate lecture)

Plato on Knowledge (advanced undergraduate)

Job Market Prep course (grad seminar)

History of Philosophy: Ancient (undergraduate lecture)

Aristotle: Scientist and Philosopher (advanced undergraduate)

Plato’s Forms (2-quarter graduate Proseminar)

Doing Philosophy with Socrates (freshman seminar)

Aristotle’s Logic and Scientific Methodology (advanced undergraduate)

Aristotle’s Metaphysics Beta (graduate seminar)

Aristotle’s Physics II (graduate seminar)

Plato’s Meno (graduate seminar)

Plato (advanced undergraduate)

Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind (undergraduate lecture)

Introduction to Ethics (undergraduate lecture)